Various Causes Of Soil Pollution

Soil PollutionSoil pollution takes place when the soil gets degraded or gets contaminated by chemical wastes. It can be defined as the destruction of land by adding chemicals to it in quantities that are toxic to the environment. There are various causes of soil pollution that happens every day or even every second. Some primary causes of soil pollution are given in the points mentioned below.

Agricultural farming activities

The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc. has increased a lot in recent times. These chemicals contaminate the soil and destroy the soil composition and make it vulnerable to soil erosion.

Acid Rain

Acid rain occurs when air pollutants react with oxygen and water to form sulfuric acids, nitric acids, etc. which fall back to the land as rainfall thus degrading the soil and causing soil pollution.

Waste Dumping

One of the major causes of soil pollution is waste disposal. In most places, material and solid wastes are left in huge amount in landfills. The toxic and the chemical materials present in the waste disposals pollute the soil.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks happen most of the times during storage and transportation of crude oil products. Oil leak is one of the most common things in petrol pumps. The petroleum is stored in underground tanks which may leak at times and cause soil pollution.

Industrial Activities

Due to the increasing demand of consumers, the rate and amount of manufacturing processes are also increasing. The industries use numerous raw materials that generate a lot of toxic end products and harmful chemical residues. The industrial leftovers such as heavy metals, toxic material parts, petroleum byproducts, liquid contaminant wastes, and chemical residues are one of the main causes of soil pollution.

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