Make in India


Job Creation, Enforcement to Secondary and Tertiary sector, Boosting national economy, Converting India to a self-reliant country and to give the Indian economy global recognition.

Make in India is an international marketing campaigning slogan coined by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014 to attract businesses from around the world to invest and manufacture in India. The campaign has been concentrated to fulfil the purpose of job creation, enforcement to secondary and tertiary sector, boosting the national economy, converting India to a self-reliant country and to give the Indian economy global recognition. The ‘Make in India’ also attempts to enforce the inflow of FDI in the country and improve services by partial privatization of loss-making government firms. The campaign is completely under control of the Central Government of India.

Modi and Cabinet ministers at the concluding session of the National Workshop on Make in India in New Delhi, December 2014. The major objective behind this initiative is to focus upon the heavy industries and public enterprises while generating employment, empowering secondary and tertiary sector and utilizing the human resource present in India. The highlights and purpose of Make in India include making India a manufacturing hub and economic transformation in India while eliminating the unnecessary laws and regulations, making bureaucratic processes easier and shorter, and make government more transparent, responsive and accountable and a government emphasized upon the framework which include the time-bound project clearances through a single online portal which will be further aided by the eight-members team dedicated to answering investor queries within 48 hours and addressing key issues including labour laws, skill development and infrastructure.

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