Computer Knowledge Quiz #12

Q1) Which of the following controls the process of interaction between the user and the operating

(a) User interface

(b) Language translator

(c) Platform

(d) Screen saver

(e) None of these

Q2) Who is the father of personal computer?

(a) Edward Robert

(b) Allen Turing

(c) Charles Babbage

(d) Jimmy Wales

(e) Vint Cerf

Q3) The first computers were programmed using

(a) Assembly language

(b) Machine language

(c) Source code

(d) Object code

(e) Machine code

Q4) Which of the following is a combination of hardware and software that facilitates the sharing of information between computing devices ?

(a) Network

(b) Peripheral

(c) Expansion board

(d) Digital device

(e) None of these

Q5) What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer

(a) Printers

(b) Floppy Disk Drives

(c) Speakers

(d) Keyboard

(e) Mouse

Q6) Which device is required for the Internet connection ?

(a) Joystick

(b) Modem

(c) CD Drive

(d) NIC Card

(e) None of these

Q7) What type of computers are client computers (most of the time) in a client-server system ?

(a) Mainframe

(b) Mini-computer

(c) Microcomputer

(d) PDA

(e) None of these

Q8) The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document is called

(a) Double-space

(b) Line spacing

(c) Single space

(d) Vertical spacing

(e) Line indent

Q9) First page of Website is termed as

(a) Homepage

(b) Index

(c) JAVA Script

(d) Bookmark

(e) Main Page

Q10) Which of the following is called the appearance of typed characters ?

(a) Size

(b) Format

(c) Color

(d) Point

(e) Font

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