8th June 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Answers

Q1) The 17th round of Foreign Office Consultations between India & Myanmar was held in which city ?

(a) Naypyidaw

(b) New Delhi

(c) Yangon

(d) Kolkata

(e) Mandalay

Q2) Who has been named the most valuable player for the FIFA World Cup 2018 ?

(a) Dele Alli

(b) Kylian Mbappé

(c) Neymar

(d) Harry Kane

(e) Lionel Messi

Q3) What is the theme of 11th Geo-Intelligence Asia 2018 ?

(a) GeoSpatial: A Force Multiplier for Defense and Internal Security

(b) Enhancing National Security Operations Using Geospatial Intelligence

(c) Enhancing Combat Potential and Homeland Security

(d) Geospatial – Force Multiplier for Modern Warfare

(e) None of the above

Q4) Which among the following has become the 1st Indian film to release in Saudi Arabia

(a) Veere Di Wedding

(b) Kaala

(c) Parmanu

(d) Newton

(e) Phamous

Q5) President Ram Nath Kovind has declared the Queen variety pineapple as state fruit of which state ?

(a) Meghalaya

(b) Nagaland

(c) Assam

(d) West Bengal

(e) Tripura

Q6) Who has become the 1st-ever Indian woman cricketer to reach 2,000 runs in T20I cricket ?

(a) Harmanpreet Kaur

(b) Veda Krishnamurthy

(c) Mithali Raj

(d) Smriti Mandhana

(e) Thirush Kamini

Q7) Which among the following states is set to become 1st state in India to use Auto-Disable Syringes for all clinical purposes to prevent infection ?

(a) Andhra Pradesh

(b) Uttarakhand

(c) Odisha

(d) Tamil Nadu 

(e) Telangana

Q8) Which state has launched “Business First Portal” that helps industrialists in Regulatory Clearances and Fiscal Approvals ?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Telangana

(d) Karnataka

(e) Punjab

Q9) The World Brain Tumor Day is observed on which date 

(a) June 9

(b) June 8

(c) June 10

(d) June 6

(e) June 7

Q10) What is the theme of World Ocean Day 2018 ?

(a) Together we have the power to protect the ocean

(b) Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet

(c) Our Oceans, Our Future

(d) Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean

(e) Youth: the Next Wave for Change


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