19th June 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

Q1) Which state government has launched a smartphone application ‘i-Hariyali’ that lets users order free plant saplings ?

(a) Tripura

(b) Assam

(c) Bihar

(d) Punjab

(e) Haryana

Q2) The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has commissioned Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV) ICGS Rani Rashmoni  off which coast ?

(a) Coimbatore

(b) Vishakapatnam

(c) Mumbai

(d) Kochi

(e) Bhubaneswar

Q3) With which country India has signed a MoU with in the field of Cultural Cooperation for the year
2018-2020 ?

(a) Argentina

(b) Portugal

(c) Spain

(d) France

(e) Greece

Q4) The Central Water Commission (CWC) has signed collaboration agreement with which company for flood forecasting and dissemination of flood related information to masses

(a) Facebook

(b) Google

(c) Apple

(d) Microsoft

(e) Amazon

Q5) Who among the following has been selected for the ‘Rajarshi Shahu Puraskar 2018’ ?

(a) Pushpa Bhave

(b) Subabrata Rai

(c) Pankaj Kapur

(d) Manmohan Tiwari

(e) Deven Shah

Q6) Who has won the US Golf Open 2018 ?

(a) Rory McIlroy

(b) Phil Mickelson

(c) Tommy Fleetwood

(d) Brooks Koepk

(e) Justin Thomas

Q7) Who has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Genesys International ?

(a) Lal Rajwade

(b) Ramsevak Paikra

(c) CN Pandey

(d) Uday Vora

(e) Kuldeep Moholkar

Q8) Who has been appointed as the President of Uber for its India and South Asia operations ?

(a) Mahesh Gagdha

(b) Pradeep Parameswaran

(c) Amit Jain

(d) Rajesh Munt

(e) Kedarnath Kashyap

Q9) Which country have unveiled “Summit”, the world’s most powerful and smartest scientific supercomputer 

(a) USA

(b) Germany

(c) Sweden

(d) China

(e) Switzerland

Q10) The International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict is observed on which date ?

(a) June 10

(b) June 21

(c) June 19

(d) June 18

(e) June 16

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