18th June 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Answers

Q1) The plenary meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) was recently held in which country ?

(a) India

(b) Maldives

(c) Latvia

(d) Bangladesh

(e) Afghanistan

Q2) Who was elected as the next President of Colombia ?

(a) Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría

(b) María Ángela Holguín

(c) Guillermo Rivera Flórez

(d) Ivan Duque

(e) Óscar Naranjo

Q3) Who has won the Stuttgart Open 2018 ?

(a) Rafael Nadal

(b) Roger Federer

(c) Milos Raonic

(d) Novak Djokovic

(e) Marin Cilic

Q4) Who has been appointed as the whole-time director and chief operating officer (COO) of  ICICI Bank

(a) Sandeep Bakhshi

(b) N.S. Kannan

(c) Ashwin Bhattacharya

(d) Aditya Srinivasan

(e) Amit Trivedi

Q5) How much loan has been approved by World Bank to help improve primary education in Bangladesh ?

(a) $600 Million

(b) $650 Million

(c) $650 Million

(d) $500 Million

(e) $700 Million

Q6) Who inaugurated the largest ever celebration of International Day of Yoga in The Netherlands ?

(a) Narendra Modi

(b) Baba Ramdev

(c) Sri Sri Ravishankar

(d) Ram Nath Kovind

(e) Mark Rutte

Q7) Which state government has started GPS (Global Positioning System) and wireless based 24×7 mobile policing service ?

(a) Tripura

(b) Assam

(c) Bihar

(d) Punjab

(e) Haryana

Q8) The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) 2018 has started in which city ?

(a) Amsterdam

(b) London

(c) Zurich

(d) New Delhi

(e) Mumbai

Q9) The International Picnic Day is observed on which date 

(a) June 20

(b) June 18

(c) June 15

(d) June 19

(e) June 16

Q10) Which day was declared as the Sustainable Gastronomy Day by UN General Assembly ?

(a) June 10

(b) June 21

(c) June 20

(d) June 18

(e) June 16


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